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Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. MZA Meyer-Zweiradtechnik GmbH is the official licensee Simson. We supply more than dealers in Germany and throughout Europe. Hazrat Prof. Dr. Abdul Ghani (M.Z.A) -, Islamabad. Gefällt Mal. Huzoor Prof. Dr. Abdul Ghani Aleihe Rehma was a great. Hier mein Tribut für MZA Sein Kanal⤵ B.i.g.T, auf Facebook: Mix & Master. MzA Einkommen und Vermögen heraus., Mittelfinger zum Automat! Schauen Sie sich die Youtube geschätzten Einnahmen von Mittelfinger zum Automat!/MzA​.

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MZA Meyer-Zweiradtechnik GmbH is the official licensee Simson. We supply more than dealers in Germany and throughout Europe. MzA Einkommen und Vermögen heraus., Mittelfinger zum Automat! Schauen Sie sich die Youtube geschätzten Einnahmen von Mittelfinger zum Automat!/MzA​. ene - vro mza descrubrió este Pin. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest.

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With just over one day before the Degas banner swaps out, I've had some time to test him out and write another review. Apologies for missing Scarlet, was going through a rough patch -- I'll add a bit of info on her to this post to compensate.

Usual disclaimer - These are my thoughts and opinions, I welcome discussion and dissenting ideas, so without further ado -. I forgot to record my FC Degas when leveling, so apologies about that.

If you end up using Degas like I have, I recommend unleashing potential for the bonus stats. This costs xes per unit, and it will only unleash the potential for that one specific unit.

Degas requires Ice Crystal Circles farmed at exploration in Northern von Frosty in order to unleash potential. I will be comparing Degas against the 8 Fated "Defense" type units for stat comparisons at Level He has the highest HP, Defense, and Block all rank 1 of all defense type units.

Keeping in mind that there are FateCore Stats as well, his provides defense and HP at enhance zero. He is useful on Ice days for special stages, especially if you don't own FC Anastasia.

His AOE stun and share health will keep you alive, and help you auto the stages. The special passives that are added on are not very effective for PVE though.

In Arena, he can be your go-to tank. In the current meta, Uloom, Garff, and Degas reign supreme as the top tier tanks. Uloom is very difficult to kill without Ramge, as she just constantly heals back all damage.

Garff command passive is very nice with First Guardian shields and just overall tankiness in the team. Degas fulfills the role of "Summer Passives" and tank in one package, being able to both provoke and share health.

FC Luke is a possible contender as well because of his very powerful defense and share HP buff. The "Frosty Bolt" stun will basically always be active for Degas, since he self buffs.

It is redundant with his s2, unless if you want to stun through a non-complete metal set 2 or 4. Since the stun is only 3 turns, it is most relevant for units slower than Degas.

Notable mentions he can stun include:. This stun also procs off of wrath counters, which can allow you to prevent being hit by passives like final hit, thrust, and counter.

Summer's Blessing is a double edged sword. In practice, since the attack buff lasts 9 turns , this typically lasts long enough for your Rera and Bathory to attack once with the buff.

Ice - with his very high block, a full ice set will have your Degas blocking almost all the time massively reducing damage taken.

Very bad break effect, but Degas typically doesn't survive for a super long time when you already get to the point where he is getting broken.

He is taunting and HP sharing and will be mitigating and protecting but also taking a lot of damage.

Fire - Less common to break, since only fire meta unit is Annie. Very consistent damage reduction. Light - Basically never broken, only Garff is meta and not everyone uses him.

Barrier is useful as it refreshes on your turn and is decently big before your Anastasia FG shield starts stacking up. Break effect is not really a problem.

Not sure how it will be implemented, if it will be reasonable for players, etc, but just be aware of that.

As with all other black fatecores, Degas comes in at a 19 pity with a drop rate of 0. Thanks for the in depth detail about him!

Interesting and very comprehensive review that taught me a few new things :. Just a few things to mention that I felt might not have been touched upon:.

As for point 2, that means Garff is usually getting the most possible stats, and often ends up really high hp and defense..

Lastly how much stats can he get without going into the insane solar stats investment? Doesn't legendaries get the actual stats ready right away?

Ye it can, but in the current meta it's used basically only at Garff or occasionally Rachel. If you're trying to discuss his viability I'd just take that into consideration.

The difference is degas has to have the FC to be somewhat viable, otherwise Garff is just better all the time, but at least the FC have some unique strengths such as the atk buff.

Yes him needing mana could be an issue, especially with only taunt 2, when taunt 3 would give an extra mana nearly always.

Kinda sad that you can't upgrade those for legendary FC :. Fair enough, it's definitely a smaller investment for garff, since you'll be FC sharing at all times.

From experience using him I've never felt like I needed mana, would like to hear thoughts from other people that use Degas. Thank you for the review.

Do you think FC Degas can replace one of them since I recently got him? I'd rather let this summer banner pass and wait for the upcoming FC of Rachel, might be the new meta.

I pulled him cuz I don't have any good tanks at all since release. One my journey of pitying for him, managed to pull 1 Fated Garff on my 1st pull, Fated Uloom on my 10th pull, Fated Xiakhan on my 12th pull and managed to pull FC Degas on my 19th pull which meant I get to put him and fuse him as well.

I'm kinda confuse about the blue guardian stone set. Some people say that it increase block reduction damage, others say that it increase the block chance.

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Ummelner Straße Bielefeld. Fon +49 94 88 0. Fax +49 94 88 Impressum · Datenschutz Nach oben. Youtube · Facebook · Twitter · Xing. Der YouTube Kanal 2RadGeber bietet Ihnen eine riesige Auswahl an Exclusive Lizenznehmerin der eingetragenen Marke SIMSON ist die MZA Meyer​. machen jeden Tag etwas zusammen und sie hilft ihm bei Fällen die er lösen muss! was Clark nicht weiß ist das Chloe in ihn verliebt ist! Étienne MzA <--​Youtube. Das Leistungsspektrum der MZA Meyer-Zweiradtechnik GmbH umfasst eine Reihe noteBilanzbuchhalter (w/m/d) - Job bei MZA Meyer-Zweiradtechnik GmbH in Vellmar Inhalte von Facebook, Twitter, YouTubeinfo_outline. Eingebettete YouTube-Videos. Auf unserem Internetauftritt betten wir Youtube-​Videos ein. Betreiber der entsprechenden Plugins ist die YouTube, LLC, Cherry. Mza Youtube Give Credit If you use another author's work, always credit the author in all places posted, or ask the author if possible. Do not post links or discuss hacks, bots, or illegal services, including currency sellers. Cum platesc? Livrare produse Conditii de returnare. Cookies are short pieces of data that are sent to your computer when you visit a website. Please wait 24hrs until you post your next video. Post a comment! I forgot to record Beste Spielothek in KohlstГ¶cken finden FC Degas when leveling, so apologies about that. Mza Youtube

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